As a Web Developer, I thrive on transforming beautiful designs into interactive web applications. As the web rapidly evolves, I learn as much about it and evolve my own skills to meet the web where it will be tomorrow.

My strongest skills are with WordPress, though I often work in Vue, React, and GatsbyJS (ReactJS). Day-to-day, I work and thrive in WordPress. GatsbyJS (ReactJS) is my favorite new tool that creates super-high performance sites all built on React.

I have a strong background in supporting Marketing and Content teams as both the embedded developer and as a developer resource via an agency.


JUNE 2018 – FEBURARY 2019

Sanborn Agency, New York City, NY (remote)​ – Senior Developer WordPress Lead

  • Serve as the primary developer for Marketing Teams of clients
  • Estimate resource allocation requirement for projects and tasks.
  • Manage resources available for backlog attacks.
  • Create custom WordPress websites and applications based on specs and designs.
  • Leverage HubSpot API for deeper Marketing analytics insights.
  • Integrate Marketo Forms API into websites for more targeted Marketing needs.
  • Develop build pipelines for complex WordPress and Node applications with Buddy, Beanstalk, and DeployBot
  • Designed and developed a WordPress Starter project using best practices and sensible launching point. Skills Used JavaScript, Node, Jquery, AJAX, PHP, HTML, CSS, Flexbox, CSS Grid, Sass, Scss, VueJS, Scrum, Agile, Git, UI/UX, Adobe Creative Cloud, Advanced Custom Fields, Bootstrap, Foundation

JULY 2016 – JULY 2018

Dice, San Jose, CA (remote)​ – Software Engineer

  • Support Marketing and Content teams in launch of new projects.
  • Support Dice and GetTalent Marketing efforts in an engineering role.
  • Create WordPress websites with Custom Post Types and WordPress coding standards
  • Shift all Dice assets to WP Engine resulting in hosting savings of over $80,000 per year
  • Design and build custom cross-platform publication vectors with WP REST API.
  • Created an endless scrolling functionality browser Local Storage API and WP REST API
  • Build custom plugins with deep integration into internal APIs.
  • Integrate Marketo forms into web pages Skills Used JavaScript, Node, Jquery, AJAX, PHP, HTML, CSS, Sass, Scss, Advanced Custom Fields, Scrum, Agile, Git, UI/UX, Adobe Creative Cloud, Foundation, Marketo, HubSpot

JULY 2015 – OCTOBER 2015

EXERTUS Marketing, San Diego, CA (remote)​ – Web Developer

  • Create custom WordPress websites
  • Design and deliver internal training sessions on git and Sass.
  • Streamline communication and process tools to boost efficiencies in the company.


San Diego State University, San Diego, CA​ – Management Information Systems, BS It is imperative for companies to invest in, secure and maintain their information systems. Students learn how information systems, network security and supply chain management interact with business strategy, and who can apply the best tools and technologies to the planning and execution of business processes. SDSU prepared students with the technical and business skills needed to make critical decisions affecting the information that is essential to the operations of all organizations.

Personal Projects

Part of being a professional web developer is self-learning. I have specifically chosen projects and courses for professional development.

  • Widget Interlacer (PHP, JavaScript, SVN)
    • A very simple WordPress plugin that allows users to place a sidebar widget into the content editor. It was born out of a necessity at Dice, but ultimately was abandoned. I refactored the code into something more generally usable and released it to the WordPress Plugin Repository.
  • Sass Color Calculator (Angular 1, Node)
    • I use Sass/Scss in almost all of my projects and I needed a way to reverse the Sass color functions. I created this web app to do just that. Users put in the starting color and the ending color and the app produces the Scss function to get the ending color in SCSS. I use Firebase as the backend to store history and maintain history.
  • Efficiency of Movement (ReactJS, Gatsby, Headless WordPress, WP REST API)
    • I used my own website as the subject of an experiment in React and GatsbyJS. I developed a 40-minute WordCamp talk around my development of a Gatsby (React) front-end website with the data and admin area still in WordPress accessible with GraphQL (Headless WordPress).
  • Gatsby Starter WordPress Foundation
    • This project is a deep dive into the Gatsby way of using React. I wanted to create a starter project to release on the Gatsby Starter Project page. While this is a work in progress and heavily updated,, it is still a fun project that I get to use some of my favorite tech on (React, Gatsby, WordPress, Foundation, GraphQL)! Personal Projects Skills Used JavaScript, Node, Angular, ReactJS, Jquery, AJAX, PHP, GraphQL, HTML, CSS, Sass, Scss, Advanced Custom Fields, Scrum, Agile, Git, SVN, UI/UX, Adobe Creative Cloud, Foundation


  • PHPStorm
  • VS Code
  • Transmit
  • ZSH Shell
  • MAMP PRO, Local by Flywheel
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, XD, Illustrator)
  • Avacode
  • Git


  • Presenter at Sacramento ReactJS Meetup
    ○ How to Use GatsbyJS with Headless WordPress
  • WordCamp Sacramento 2018 Organizer.
  • WordCamp Sacramento 2018 Speaker.
  • Presenter at Sacramento WordPress Meetup
    • WP CLI at Scale
    • Reduce Labor with WP REST API
    • Digging Deep with WP_Query
    • GitHub Updater
  • Internal training sessions on Scss/Sass
  • Internal training sessions on Git

Learning Resources

  • MDN Documents for Web
  • WordPress Developer Resources
  • ReactJS Documentation
    • GatsbyJS Documentation
  • Wes Bos Tutorials
    • CSS Grid
    • ES6 For Everyone
    • React for Beginners
    • Fullstack Advanced React and GraphQL
    • JavaScript30

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