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Search a website for a particular text string

Sometimes it is necessary to find a word or text string on a website. You could go through all the pages and manually scan each page but with most sites, this approach simply isn’t a good use of your time. Recently I was asked to find a specific class within the markup. Sometimes the class […]

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Get Started with Visual Regression Testing with BackstopJS

If you’re more into video tutorials:  Let’s say you work on an older, but very much alive, site. You occasionally get tasked with adding features here or enhancing sections there. These are typical tasks from clients. Now in a perfect world, the HTML and CSS would be written in a perfectly extendable way, but […]

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Top 5 Mac Tricks

I love my Macs. I’ve had a few over the years and I am more comfortable here than on a PC. I know this because I just took a dive into Windows land and I found myself wanting. I’m sure if I had a more powerful computer or had access to purchase all the apps […]

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