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Top 5 Mac Tricks

I love my Macs. I’ve had a few over the years and I am more comfortable here than on a PC. I know this because I just took a dive into Windows land and I found myself wanting. I’m sure if I had a more powerful computer or had access to purchase all the apps […]

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Rebuild Netlify on Headless WordPress Post Publish

Trigger Netlify to rebuild your headless WordPress Gatsby site with WordPress hooks and Netlify webhooks working in concert.

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Headless WP WordPress theme

Redirect Headless WordPress

Create a redirect from your headless WordPress to direct your users away from WordPress and towards your decoupled frontend.

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How to Write a Good Task at Work

If you write a good task at work it can save your team a lot of back and forth discussion time trying to suss out what you actually meant with the original sentiments. I’ll take you through why sticking to the basics is better than being artistic when you’re involved in an asynchronous conversation where you’re […]

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How to Add a Sitemap to a Gatsby site

Add a Sitemap to GatsbyJS site with headless WordPress data I’m used to building with WordPress and one of the great things about that application platform is the incredible SEO functionality and mechanics built in or easily installable with plugins. When I converted my WordPress blog to a Gatsby site, I had to think about things that […]

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