About Me

I am a Web Developer and use WordPress to publish some of the best tech content on the web. I work with content authors, marketers, and application developers to ensure Tech Professionals can access the highest quality content. I have created dozens of themes and plugins to help promote content. I even have a plugin on the official WordPress Repository. It’s called, Widget Interlacer and even though it is a simple little plugin, I had a lot of fun building it.

Before I was a Web Developer, I served in the US Navy for twelve years as a Navy Diver. I’ve removed our country’s ships’ propellers, inspected shipping lane buoys, and entered submarines through the business end of a torpedo tube. I’ve learned to be comfortable being uncomfortable, which is a large part of writing software.

I live in Folsom, CA with my wife and two sons. As a family, we love being outdoors. We love camping just being outside as much as we can. I love cycling for hours at a time and teaching my sons the value of running long distances.

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