I was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, IA. I lived there until about the age of 12 when I moved to Alburnett, IA a short distance away. I formed much of what I am with the solid people of that small town. Rural Iowa taught me many lessons that I try to teach my children today. I learned how to treat people, right and wrong, responsibility, maturity. Now I take those lessons that were initialized in Iowa and pass them along to my children.

As I grew up I discovered I had a strong urge to move and spread my wings. I joined the US Navy in 1998 and moved to San Diego, California shortly after. I spent about 18 years in Southern California. I met and married my wife and started my family in San Diego. I love it there and still consider myself a San Diegan. Eventually, we started a family with two boys that we adore. Soon after, I left the service to pursue a lifelong goal of attending and graduating from college. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from San Diego State University in 2016. During college I began to build websites and discovered not only that I liked it but also that people were willing to pay me money for my skills that I honed in my free time. I began developing websites professionally before I left school but was able to devote full-time attention to my craft after graduating.

Once I graduated, my family and I moved to Northern California to be closer to family. Not having to traverse Los Angeles traffic or battle the Grapevine in the winter is one of the best decisions we’ve made.

We eventually settled in our home in Folsom, CA where we live today. We love our neightborhood and our community. We draw on our support system heavliy for family needs. I’ll continue to work and live here as long as I can.

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