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Top 5 Mac Tricks

I love my Macs. I’ve had a few over the years and I am more comfortable here than on a PC. I know this because I just took a dive into Windows land and I found myself wanting. I’m sure if I had a more powerful computer or had access to purchase all the apps […]

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Rebuild Netlify on Headless WordPress Post Publish

Trigger Netlify to rebuild your headless WordPress Gatsby site with WordPress hooks and Netlify webhooks working in concert.

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Redirect Headless WordPress

Create a redirect from your headless WordPress to direct your users away from WordPress and towards your decoupled frontend.

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How to Write a Good Task at Work

If you write a good task at work it can save your team a lot of back and forth discussion time trying to suss out what you actually meant with the original sentiments. I’ll take you through why sticking to the basics is better than being artistic when you’re involved in an asynchronous conversation where you’re […]

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How to Add a Sitemap to a Gatsby site

Add a Sitemap to GatsbyJS site with headless WordPress data I’m used to building with WordPress and one of the great things about that application platform is the incredible SEO functionality and mechanics built in or easily installable with plugins. When I converted my WordPress blog to a Gatsby site, I had to think about things that […]

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Add Font Awesome to GatsbyJS

Font Awesome is an incredible library of easy-to-use icons. I’m a backer and have the t-shirt to prove but I would reach for the library even if I wasn’t. I wanted to add the polish to my own site that a powerful library like Font Awesome can deliver. Font Awesome with GatsbyJS At this point […]

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Update Post Templates with WP CLI

Sometimes you want to update your WordPress one post template at a time. Luckily, you can update custom post type templates easily with WP CLI commands. I added a new post template to my own site recently. It was already a Custom Post Type, but the CPT was basically only used as a differentiator of data, […]

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Publish a WordPress Post with GatsbyJS on Netlify

Deploy with Webhooks with WordPress, GatsbyJS, and Netlify One of the things that we take for granted on WordPress is publishing posts with the press of a button. WordPress is a mature and stable publishing platform that millions of users leverage to publish their news, recipes, and code updates. Publishing on the WordPress platform is […]

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Update WordPress Posts Post Meta with WP-CLI

Recently I needed to update a big batch of posts’ post meta. I’m talking thousands of updates. Anything over about 20 updates involving the database and I immediately reach for WP-CLI. Update Posts in Bulk I built a plugin that pulls in results from a remote API. The API returns a set of 100 results per […]

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Write Better at Work

Writing well is the bedrock of work communications. People write to each other all the time at work. They communicate with text in different modes but the main objective is consistent no matter what; convey your idea that will persist with a common language. I’ll provide you some tips so you can write better at […]

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Headless WordPress

I’ve heard a lot about React and WordPress and how they get along really well together. So well, in fact, there are already really great resources to help traditional WordPress developers get started in their own development with React. The project that has really set me off is The JAM Stack   Templates in Gatsby […]

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Sass Color Calculator

I almost forgot about this little one-page application that I made in college. It’s called the Sass Color Calculator. It’s an application that helps a developer find the sass function between two colors. This little guy is not only useful to me, but it has greater meaning to me than just a simple application. It was part […]

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Set Up Postman for WordPress WP REST API

Objective Post comment on a WordPress installation from an external application and via the WP REST API. Problem To create, POST, to WordPress there must be some type of authenticated user. Most of the time the user posting is the user who is logged in. WordPress allows unauthenticated users to submit comments, but in most […]

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Sync Mac Desktops

Sync Mac Desktops Modern web worker’s workflow needs to be as efficient as possible. Part of that workflow demands that we work on multiple computers. I, for one, love to work on my iMac. I have space, both at my desk and at on my computer’s Desktop screen. When I have to leave to speak with someone […]

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Automate Local Development with BASH

I can’t afford to be inefficient at Efficiency of Movement. I am a one-man show and any wasted movement is wasted money. I started to notice that I was repeating myself more than I should have been. It was high time to automate my process even more. Developing Locally When I start a new project, like […]

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